Convos to Content:

Your Personal Brand's Content Powerhouse

Transforming your conversations into strategic, engaging content that grows your business.

At Brave Creators Lab, we recognize that your best ideas spring from conversations that come naturally to you.

Daily discussions, brainstorming sessions, live Q&A sessions, coaching calls or even online interviews - these are some uncharted and underrated sources of high-engagement and high-converting content.

Our Convos to Content service is designed to harvest this goldmine of knowledge, turning your insights into a wealth of engaging, on-brand content that resonates with your audience and drives your business growth.

Our team of seasoned strategists, wordsmiths, designers and video wizards will partner with you to not just create content but to build a compelling personal brand persona, craft compelling messages that convert followers into clients, and design robust content funnels that guide your audience through the buyer’s journey.

See them in action through some of our past work.

How does it work?



We’ll deep dive into your goals for your content so that we’re not randomly posting and repurposing, we’re creating and curating posts that actually get your audience to follow, engage and convert. This will also inform us of what long form pieces to request from you. If you have no available materials related to the strategy, we’ll recommend topics and resources for your long-form game.



If you have any long form content, specifically interviews, social media live sessions (TikTok, IG or FB lives), coaching calls, podcast content – send those over to us. We’ll provide you with a Google Drive folder to upload these materials for our review.



We will repurpose the best parts of your content into static posts with SEO-friendly captions, short-form videos, or carousel content to bring the best results. Depending on the content, we will determine the best format for each part and troubleshoot as needed to ensure a quality representation of your brand.



We will send the finished formats for the week and dedicate one day for any revision requests.



We’ll send the posts for the week for your scheduling.



We’ll check the performance of the content and make recommendations along the way.

What do we offer?

Our three-tiered approach is designed to cater to a range of needs and budgets.

All packages include your content strategy and audience analysis, content optimization and analytics tracking, and can be a mix of statics, carousels and short videos up to 3 mins long (all dependent on audience behavioral data).

We will also be providing content captions and SEO-based hashtags.



per month

  • Up to 2 long-form content pieces turned into 8 engaging short-form posts.



per month

  • Up to 3 long-form content pieces turned into 16 engaging short-form posts.



per month

  • Up to 4 long-form pieces

    into 30 diverse short-form posts, ensuring a steady stream of fresh content.

Not sure if we're the right fit?

Try us out with our Trial Package, where we’ll turn 1 long-form piece into 4 short-form posts.

Trial Package



  • 1 long-form piece into 4 short-form posts.

Custom White-Glove Service

starts at $5000

per month

For brands seeking an all-inclusive content solution, our Custom Package covers everything from content strategy, production, to comprehensive funnel creation, including ideas for your lead magnet, writing your landing pages and email sequences, among others.

Who do we serve?

Our services are perfect for personal brands and service-based businesses looking to monetize their knowledge and grow their audience.

With Convos to Content, let us take the load off your shoulders, transforming your conversations into a strategic, on-point content that grows your audience and business.

If you’re ready, get started by selecting your chosen option above.

If you want to see if this will work for you or have any other questions, book a call with me here.

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