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What To Film?

  • Create Videos that Capture, Connect and Convert in a 60-Second World

How to Create Impactful Short Videos From the Comforts of Your Phone.

Do you struggle with coming up with video ideas? 

Do you ever wish you can easily whip up short videos that are educational, authentic, and resonate well with your audience?

Educational Content creators (Educreators) share the same sentiments when it comes to video-making:

  • ❌ It’s so hard to put out videos consistently!
  • ❌ I’m not attracting enough viewers!
  • ❌ I know I’m good but I can’t seem to teach what I know well.
  • ❌ How do I entertain while staying on brand?
  • ❌ I feel like it’s an uphill climb when I try to elicit engagement!

If that sounds like you - then you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to WTF!

Learn how you can grow your personal brand by creating short videos that captivate, connect and convert your ideal audiences in a 60-second world.

Whether you're a beginner video content creator, or someone with a little more experience but still struggling to find traction - This workshop is for you!

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What To Film?

WTF or “What To Film?” is a practical workshop on video creation fundamentals.

At its heart are brand and marketing strategies to ensure your work appeals to your audience.

The course is designed to help you finish your videos easily and quickly so you can focus on:

  • ✅ Delivering educational value
  • ✅ Building genuine connections with your audience
  • ✅ Scaling your personal brand
  • ✅ Keeping your resources in check
  • ✅ Enjoying life without creator-overwhelm

what you will learn:

  • How to solidify your brand and stand out as an educreator
  • How to create the content your audience craves and raves about
  • Designing your video creation process around the life you want
  • Easy and budget-friendly shooting & editing techniques

best for:

  • ✔️ Course creators and Online educators
  • ✔️ Content creators
  • ✔️ Coach or Consultant
  • ✔️ Online entrepreneurs
  • ✔️ Creative service providers & freelancers
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To date, our workshop has helped over 300 entrepreneurs and content creators discover and get confident in their own voices.

The Results?

Almost 300k followers in 4 months - powerfully impacting their audience's lives for the better.

Workshop Details

Get INSTANT LIFETIME access to 5 pre-recorded workshops in Kajabi:

  • Video 01: Value Over Viral
  • Video 02: Ideal Audience
  • Video 03: Dialogue (a.k.a scriptwriting)
  • Video 04: Equipment
  • Video 05: Omnipresence

Course Fee: Php 1299


The 30 Day Video Growth Challenge

A notion template with 60 prompts for 33 days, designed to help you build your influence, audience and creator habits. This is where you apply the principles you learn at the workshop.

This is NOT for you if:

  • ❌ You’re looking to learn more advanced technical details of video production. 
  • ❌ You need more advanced marketing techniques - this is a fundamentals workshop that will utilize available tools and follow simple processes.
  • ❌ You’re just interested in using social media hacks like engagement pods or buying followers - that’s a NO-NO here!

A Word of Caution

This workshop is for people who take action. We don’t want you to lose your money with nothing in return. Invest in the work - not in the course.

WTF, are You Ready?!

If you’re game to get your voice heard and start getting results from doing simple, short, but effective videos - Enroll Today.

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About the Speaker:

Kia Abrera is an 8-figure creative entrepreneur, educreator and video content marketing specialist. She helps personal brands and education companies grow their impact, influence and income using their power on videos. She has been in marketing and advertising for more than 10 years, in film and video for 15 years, performing for more than 20 years, and in entrepreneurship for almost 10 years. 

She is the co-founder and CEO of Braveworks Inc., formerly a social impact marketing agency that has worked with brands like USAID, HuffPost and Coca-Cola. Recently, Braveworks Inc has pivoted to becoming a content marketing agency for education brands like The Futur.

She launched her personal brand starting as a short-form video marketing coach and less than a year later, she was cited by Yahoo Finance UK as one of the top 10 coaches who has helped online businesses during the pandemic. 

Kia has given talks and workshops all over the Philippines including Metro Manila, Bohol, Bicol and Marawi City. She has given talks in the US, Europe, and South Africa on the international stage. Additionally, she has been invited to notable outlets and organizations, such as Go Negosyo, Connected Women and DTI.

She also guested as a video marketing expert (and the first Filipino to be invited as a guest!) on The BossBabe Podcast with over 1 million downloads (whose other guests include Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Jenna Kutcher and L’Oreal Founder Jamie Kern Lima).

In 2022, she founded the Likha Creative Entrepreneurship Summit, a conference that gathers the Philippines’ creative entrepreneurs to learn about the business side of the creative industry from top field experts, including her business coach, a business of design educator and Emmy Award-winning designer, Chris Do.

Her mission is to help uplift the local creative industry by helping Filipino Creatives hold themselves to a higher standard so they can make their mark in the global creative economy.


What our students say

I went from 88 to almost 70k followers in 4 months using Kia’s powerful framework

I went from 88 to almost 70k followers in 4 months using Kia’s powerful framework — and the best part is that I’m getting all these engagement and messages saying that people are inspired by my content and want to work with me! I’m also now following a better content creation system!

-Ara Fernando, Make-up Artist (TikTok @thearafernando)

By following Kia's program, we gained back a very actively engaged community...

By following Kia's program, we gained back a very actively engaged community, growing new audience on TikTok from zero to 100k followers in four months, started a podcast to repurpose our video messages, getting paid partnerships, book sales and marriage talk invites - most of all, receiving heartwarming messages from grateful couples that we're able to reach.

-Dreus and Love Cosio, The Co Show PH (TikTok @thecoshowph)

Growing my audience steadily and increasing my engagement by up to 200%

Since working with Kia, I’ve gained more confidence in my unique voice and am able to apply my unique style in whatever platform I choose using the framework and strategies she teaches in the Intensive. It makes writing, creating and producing easier.

I've become more confident in creating IG Reels and having fun showing up consistently on IG Lives, growing my audience steadily and increasing my engagement by up to 200%. Through that, I’ve been able to attract brand collaborations and motivate women to support them with their skin and hormones.

-Dr. Terry Loong, Integrative Skin and Hormone Doctor (IG: @dr_terry_)

I gained 4k Instagram followers in four months (20x my goal of 200)

My biggest struggle was confidence on cam and consistency in content creation. With Kia’s help, I gained 4k Instagram followers in four months (20x my goal of 200), and started to get more creative and consistent in my content - consistently doing one mini video a day. Kia gets you results and gives it her all. She's very generous with her knowledge.

-Kristine Taton, Certified Digital Marketer (IG: @digitalks_daily)

1 M views in 24 hours! I also went from 300+ to 300k followers in over 4 months

After one lesson from Kia, I created a TikTok video following the framework she taught - and it went viral! 1 M views in 24 hours! I also went from 300+ to 300k followers in over 4 months by following her advice.

-Arun Gogna, Preacher (@arungogna)

What our first run students had to say:

Thanks for a fantastic workshop, Kia - the content was exactly what I needed, and was a great mix of content strategy and the tech side. So many presentations fail dismally to live up to their billing (making their inevitable upsell all the more annoying)...why am I not surprised that yours was an exception! Your expertise and passion for your subject shone through every minute of the well-structured, entertaining and hugely informative presentation, and you answered questions patiently and thoroughly. The info sent after the workshop was excellent, too. Thanks, Kia!

- Alistair Kerr, Brand Designer
The Creative Mongrel

I love the 30-day challenge. The prompts are awesome and can be used in any industry or market. Kia thank you very much for sharing all your knowledge. The hacks are gold!!!

- Eloisa Almonicido, Podcast Manager ValuePod

I enjoyed everything about the workshop. Usually, my attention span would only last up to 30min or less, BUT Kia was very interactive and everything she said made sense. I enjoyed the scriptwriting part and Q&A. Since I love writing too, it made me realize why am I not using my love for writing to write scripts??? And Kia helped me figure out how to make a flow. Loved the Q&A because I also learn from other attendees. I learn from their questions. Overall, Kia really did a great job. I have my headstart now, and I am just planning my content carefully for this week!

- Jhana Lim


Course Fee: Php 1299

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