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The Business Launchpad

A 3-month intensive designed to help you start building a solid online presence and jumpstart your business by getting your audience from scrolling past to booking fast.

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What you'll get:

  • Weekly coaching support. Every Thursday, 7pm via Zoom, we will meet so we can dive into your questions and you can take action right then and there.
    • Month 1: Branding, Positioning, Offer Creation and Pricing. Solidifying your personal brand and creating / refining your core offer by aligning your identity with what people find valuable.
    • Month 2: Marketing, Lead Generation and Sales. Starting action points to get eyeballs and interest to your business and services, and then empowering their decision to work with you.
    • Month 3: Client Onboarding and Servicing, Strategic Thinking, Project Management. Don't just stop at closing your client - make sure you give top notch and seamless service. Learn to ask the right questions so you know what problems to solve. When clients are happy, you don't just get testimonials - you get referrals.
  • FRAMEWORK 1: Creative Entrepreneurship Fundamentals Course - Everything you need to solidify the business side from establishing your brand and attracting your ideal audience, to closing leads with confidence, to serving clients efficiently and getting that glowing testimonial. 
    • 4 Parts, 21 modules
    • Discovery call guide
    • Content creation blueprint
    • Detailed Portfolio Template
    • Client Project Proposal Template
    • Sample Strategy Questionnaire
    • Project Management Template
    • Instant access
  • FRAMEWORK 2: WTF: What To Film Workshop - How to Create Effective Short Videos from the Comforts of your Phone.
    • 4 hours of video material with action points
    • Simplified personal brand clarity framework
    • Audience mapping
    • High-Converting Script framework
    • DIY video setup + Tech Stack
    • Basic editing guide with free tools
    • Social Platform Distribution guide
    • Bonus: 30 Day video content plan (Notion template)
    • Instant access
  • Community Support: You'll get community support where you can ask your questions, share your expertise, share your wins, share your setbacks and even pitch your services and get helpful feedback on your action points.
  • Industry-specific accountability. You will get sorted into accountability groups within your same industry so you can get more specific support from your peers.

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What if it doesn't work for you? We offer a refund within 30 days of purchasing the product - just provide us with the proof that you have done the work as instructed. We will try to guide you upon troubleshooting, but if we see that it's really not a fit, we will refund your payment and you get to keep your access.

Certificates are issued upon completion of each course.

What People Are Saying:

My business was into travel and I had a hard time shifting my products to digital when the pandemic happened. The idea of creating a virtual tour was already in my head but I was clueless how to get started. Kia not only helped us incorporate video in our marketing, but into our overall business strategy. Amazingly, our unique Virtual Tour-In-A-Box idea was picked up by consumers, sold out at launch and we also got a fair share of mainstream media exposure!

Ann Cunanan, Meaningful Travels PH

1 M views in 24 hours! I also went from 300+ to 300k followers in over 4 months! A year later, I'm at 800k followers! After one lesson from Kia, I created a TikTok video following the framework she taught - and it went viral! 1 M views in 24 hours! I also went from 300+ to 300k followers in over 4 months by following her advice.

Arun Gogna (TikTok: @wackyspeaker)

I've become more confident in creating IG Reels and having fun showing up consistently on IG Lives, growing my audience steadily and increasing my engagement by up to 200%. Through that, I’ve been able to attract brand collaborations and motivate women to support them with their skin and hormones.

Dr. Terry Loong (IG: @dr_terry_)

By following Kia's program, we gained back a very actively engaged community, growing new audience on TikTok from zero to 100k followers in four months, started a podcast to repurpose our video messages, getting paid partnerships, book sales and marriage talk invites - most of all, receiving heartwarming messages from grateful couples that we're able to reach.

Dreus and Love Cosio (@thecoshow)